Inductive vs Deductive approaches #statisticalThinking @muralCo #imagine2020

In this past month I've had a bunch of interesting interactions with strategists, consultants and statisticians. Quite tongue-in-cheek, but I thought I'd share this insight on #inductive vs. #deductive approaches to statistics :

Settling the debate between induction vs deduction once and for all.— DaniĆ«l Lakens (@lakens) May 17, 2020
Inductive vs DeductiveBut more seriously, what does it mean to be inductive or deductive? I'm sharing my notes here, because it was a chance for me to experiment with the Mural service, having attended some of Mural #Imagine2020.
I'm planning to use #Mural on my next data science project and I can quickly see how this can be a great facilitation tool to work with problem owners and business leaders to bring design thinking and a clear analytical thought process to their ill-defined business problems.